Twiddle Live

Twiddle, A vermont quartet, played their first show ever in South Carolina last friday, november 15th, at the Pourhouse. Twiddle is originally a tag-along band to Phish, playing after-concerts and attracting many of the same fans. However, I am not a fan of Phish, yet I literally listen to Twiddle every day. This undercover Funk / Classical / Jam band tells stories through amazing melodies and harmonies.To better understand the style, I reccomend visitingĀ  the site atĀ This band is not as commonly known, and hasnt landed very many opening shows. However, this is simply a result in the attitude of the band and underdog funk essence about them. They are just as well known on the funk/jam scene as any band with national recognition, which leads me to believe that Twiddle will be headlining in the future. The band arrived a bit late, not expecting any fans, considering they played a free show on the deck at the Pourhouse. To their suprise, we rolled up with 30+ kids and immediately began helping them setup. They didnt hesitate to start off the show with force, and the crowd was moving instantly. I was lucky enough to have some time with the band after, and got to speak with the members and Tour/Band managers about things we learned in class this year. They were very impressed by the turnout, and gave me this free autographed tour poster! –>twiddlephotoIn conclusion, visit and download as much twiddle as you can. It’s free, and it’s awesome.

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