A Night @ Theater 99

Had a lot of fun at Theater 99 last night for “Laugh for a Lincoln” night. The first sketch was called “Big Dictionary” and featured two standup artists picking words to improvise off of at random from a big dictionary. The sketch was witty and exciting. The next set, called “Moral Fixation” was to me less entertaining and seemingly more targeted at an older crowd. I was fairly bored by the end of their routine but still had a good night. The crowd in attendance was of all ages 18+. It was impressive to see a show near sold out on a Wednesday night.images

Tickets were only 5$ and could be bought in advance online or at the door. The show sells out frequently so I would recommend purchasing in advance if you’re set on making a show, especially on the weekends. The stage was vibrant and overall the show was worth the entirety of my 5$. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys laughing.

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