Art at the Old City Jail

On November 16, I attended Jail Break¬†at the Old City Jail. After attending last year, I absolutely had to go again this year. Within the jail, there are displays of artists’ work as well as people performing interpretive dance throughout the hallways. In the backyard, there was live music, concessions, and dance performances. All of the artists were standing by their work to answer any questions that the viewers may have had. One of the artists even walked up to me and asked me what my interpretation of his work was. I loved the fact that I could converse with the artists, hear about their inspiration, and tell them what I thought.

This event was very well attended, but as it got later and the bands started to come out and perform, it seemed a bit crowded. Because the event spanned for seven hours, it would be hard to put a limit on how many tickets should be for sale, considering most people aren’t going to stay the whole time. However, an excellent management aspect was the fact that they kept a list of people who ordered tickets online. When I purchased my ticket, I never received the email to print it, but I was to get in because my name was on the list. After attending two years in a row, I would certainly recommend this event to anyone. With so many different mediums, everyone can find something at Jail Break that they would enjoy.

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