Your group designation below corresponds to blogging and research-paper assignments and due dates (presentation, draft, final) listed on the course schedule.

Group 1–Wharton, House of Mirth: Catherine Sanders, Ebby Bowles, Maci Brown

Group 2–Cather, My Antonia: Amelia Addor, Ashley Droste, Kelsey Halverson, Jake Keim

Group 3–Dos Passos, The 42nd Parallel: Alexandra Furlong, Tommy Sanders, Reed Panale

Group 4–Larson, Passing: Haley Olds, Sammy Jones, Daveon Young

Group 5–Faulkner, As I Lay Dying: Keleigh Burke, Ethan Shapiro, Ainsley Stollar, Luke Henderson

Group 6–James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room: Ashley Collins, Peyton Callahan, Josh Helvy

Group 7–Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man: Kristy AbdElMalak, Joseph Edwards, Michael Hals, Charles Westerink 

Note: The eighth and final novel will be a class choice, and will be the subject of a major question on the exam

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