Avery’s Trip


I know I know you guys are all worried that I am going to turn into the old lady in your neighborhood that writes her Christmas Newsletter from her dogs point of view, but please do not fret. Like Alison Bechdel & Donald (her Cat) I have a best friend in my dog Avery. About two weeks ago my mom dropped him off at my apartment to spend a week with me while she and my brother went out of town. One day Av and I set out to have an adventure and ended up (pure accident) at the Avery Institue in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Had to get his picture in front of a building with his name on it and if you look really close the sign on the building even looks like a bone. Kind of neat! I found it really interesting that Alison Bechdel tells her own stories through other characters that she embodies herself. For example when she takes pictures of herself dressed as her father to be able to embody him for that brief moment to tell her life story. If you ever get a chance to check out Alison Bechdel’s official website/BLOG ¬†you will see that she also has put up several pictures & videos of herself and her cat, Donald. This in the same way that she tells her story through emboding her father is another way that she embodies herself through her cat’s perspective. I’ve really enjoyed reading “Fun Home” and learning a lot about Bechdel’s process in creating authentic comic panels while using art to tell her families story.

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