The Intertwining Pieces to Life

Who am I? What defines me? These are the questions that seem to linger over some high schooler’s head at the beginning of some 90’s teen movie. Yet, although one may want to pass off these seemingly pre teen ideas as ones that only a confused adolescent might conceive of, one also has to be honest with him or herself, we have all asked ourselves these same exact questions.

When someone thinks of intertwining pieces to one’s life, one may think of the contradictions of one’s life and try to create meaning from it. I imagine that President Obama may face such contradictions in his life, like being the President of the United States, yet also a father. Which, duty comes first? Should he make it to his daughter’s first dance recital or have dinner with the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Does he intermix his two lives? Leave dinner early to see the last dance of the show? Are there certain family days for the president? Or does the position of President never sleep? Is his role as father put on the back burner while he holds the position of President of the free world?

But, one cannot live like that. Put one role on the back burner while the other one thrives. Life is not like that. People have a combination of roles, duties, and personalities and like it or not they are always present in their lives. Although this may seem complicated, it is what makes individuals unique, and what makes you, you. If everyone were simply a student the world would be quite boring. But, it is the varying degrees and backgrounds of students that makes us all interesting. Perhaps one student in class is not only a student, but a mother of two who has more than just her class assignments to worry about. Maybe another holds two jobs just to pay for tuition while another thrives on a G.I. bill after his or her time in service. People have layers to their life, that makes this not only a student, but an individual.


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