Class of 2011, a Sorority Tale

As I discussed last Friday, every senior in Kappa Alpha Theta leaves her journal with the sorority. A senior journal includes summaries of one’s time at college, stories of some of her best nights in Charleston and some of her worst, advice to the younger classes, and “shout outs” to individuals who have impacted the senior’s time the most in the past four years. The seniors read their journals to the entire chapter, where the reactions mostly include incontrollable laughter and some time tears.

I want to earn the same reaction with my 20% projection, if not to our class, at least with my sorority. My plan is to incorporate all of the senior journals from the class of 2011 to create one mega journal that will represent the class as a whole. I want to present the journal in a somewhat movie format. I want to play around with I Movie to incorporate photographs, quotes, music, and if I can find them, movies. Every element I employ within the I Movie will have some significance to a particular senior, the pledge class as a whole, or to the sorority; Kappa Alpha Theta. I hope my 20% project will help preserve the legacy of the Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class of 2007 and may become a new tradition that can be passed down for future pledge classes.

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