Who Stole the Cookie from the Heart Shaped Tin?

So I live in a sorority house on campus and whenever a holiday roles around all of the fraternity and sorority houses give each other seasonal presents. For Halloween each house gives buckets of candy to one another and at Christmas everyone gives out cards. Valentines day is no exception. Monday our house received a box of chocolates, a candy jar, roses, and even a gang of fraternity brothers came to our door singing a love ballad. Yes, sometimes sorority life is just like the movies. After enjoying so many gifts I decided to retreat to my room for the evening to get some studying done. After hours of reading I ventured to the kitchen for a midnight snack. On my way to the kitchen I passed the dining room and on the table was a box of freshly made heart shaped sugar cookies. The cookies were drenched in decorative icing of pink and red, it made my mouth water just looking at them. I wasn’t merely in the mood for a snack anymore, but for Valentines Day Cookies. I assumed of course that they were sent from a fraternity or a sorority and were to be shared with everyone in the house. I indulged in not one, but three. They were so moist and delicious, the perfect thing to help me study.

The next afternoon I was eating lunch with my roommates and reminiscing about our Valentines Day. Everyone was smiling about how their boyfriend took them to dinner or out to movie and what not except for one roommate. She was upset because her mom had mailed her, her favorite freshly baked Valentines Day Cookies from home. She had left them on the table last night and when she woke up this morning half of them were gone! I froze! She complained about how she knew our other roommate must have ate them all. The other roommates agreed that, that was horrible and couldn’t believe someone could eat her cookies from home, knowing they were her favorite. I said nothing. I sat in silence shaking my head, agreeing it was a shame that her cookies had been eaten. I felt horrible, although I didn’t say the other roommate ate the cookies, I didn’t deny it either. So I am sorry I ate the cookies, I didn’t know they were your favorite from home.

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