“Signs” of an Elect or an Escapist?

It was in the winter of 2006 when the Lord presented me with a journey that would prove that I was indeed on the correct path of educational enlightenment.  At the time, I was studying psychology at Towson University and realized the unhappiness with which I suffered after the semester had ended with two failures in my studies.  The Lord granted me the ability to see these failures not as such but as a blessing that showed the lack of passion I had for clinical psychology and that it was time for me to find out what it was that I had this passion for, so I put off all further schooling.

During the months of December and January, winter was extremely cruel and my tolerance for sunless gray days wore thin.  I took the winter’s harshness as God’s way of telling me that I needed to move towards the sun, that I needed a warmth that would last even through winter in order for me to have a clear conscience to think.  That spring, I packed my belongings and rode nearly 600 miles south, God’s grace ever present on my journey and blessing me with safe travel, because it was by His map that I was following.

Arriving in Charleston in April of 2007 with a dear friend, we settled in a small apartment in West Ashley.  Soon we started receiving letters of complaint based on false accusations from the neighbors.  I could not be mad at these neighbors, as false as they were, because I interpreted this as the Lord’s mysterious workings again telling me this was not the place I should be living.  Subsequently, I moved into downtown Charleston and the Lord granted me with many gifts for moving to Columbus Street, as it was there I met a neighbor that I would later love and be with until this very day. I knew that it was by the Lord’s grace that I was allowed to celebrate with friends and music and not once get in trouble with the authorities. Watch the Lord’s grace in action here.

Not only did God provide me with love, but also with a second chance with my schooling when in the spring of 2009 I was accepted to the College of Charleston where I was to pursue a degree in Creative Writing.

Despite the difficulties in my decisions and transitions, the Lord never once allowed me to fail, rather gave me gifts and opportunities to succeed. These gifts were given to me because I was chosen by Him to be open to receive His signs when I was most unhappy and in dire need of his gracious assistance, thus allowing my eternal soul peace and happiness.

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