Of the gracious mercy that I hath been shown

In the year of the Lord 1992, in the Spring of that year, when I was but a young child, my parents did begin, through the goodness of the Lord, the building of a home for themselves and for their children. This time of building did cause my parents to travel to a place which dealt in appliances for the home, and taking with them their small daughter, they set out to choose those fixtures that would most please the Lord for their home. Now my mother at this time was fully conceived of a child, a son later named Patrick. Though I wert but a child of three year I had in me a great curiosity, granted by that most certain infinite wisdom and power of God, although this same sense hast engendered much of doubt and hast caused me much grief and sin. After that we came to the store and I did question my mother about the nature of the marble sinks and as to whether there might be fish within their bounds, but she, being occupied with seeking the proper fixtures, did not see fit to answer me, and me, being not but a sinful and headstrong child, durst not ask her once more but rather found fit to climb upon a sink to seek the answer. And the Lord did see fit to allow that sinkĀ  to break and to fall upon mine head for my disobedience, which did cause much grief and travail for my parents. But though I did bleed overmuch and suffer many stitches, the care of God did spare my undeserving brains from much addling. I cannot ascribe this to any other but the angels of God, for the sink of marble did truly fall and did so hurt my head that all the clerks did think and fear that I could not but be slain or hurt with this sore fall. But the Lord hath been so careful of me that I cannot believe but that he hath a greater purpose for my life, that he did spare me despite my evil sin and my own ways. And all the days of my life the Lord hath reminded me of his own great mercy and care by the mark which this sore hurt hath made upon my forehead.

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