About the Aesthetics Work Group

The Aesthetics Work Group is an interdisciplinary group of professors and students who meet periodically to discuss theoretical works about and in the arts. The work is often (usually) works in progress by members of AWG, but we also read current articles and books that are relevant to the interests of the group. AWG has also co-sponsored visits by distinguished scholars from other institutions. Topics in the past have included participatory art (visiting faculty), aesthetic disobedience (faculty), the politics of form in Tibetan poetry (student), the “suburban sublime” in the art of Lisa Sanditz (faculty), cover records as social commentary (visiting faculty), metaphor and metaphysics in Zhuangzi (student), ethical and emotional expression in music (faculty), social ontology and art (student), affects and interpretation in performance (faculty), environmental aesthetics (visiting faculty), and the transgender gaze in film (faculty).  It is led by Jonathan Neufeld in the philosophy department and is regularly attended by students and faculty from German, English, Religious Studies, Music, Art, Art History, Political Science, and Psychology.

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