2/22 AWG Meeting: Davies on Authenticity

After a rousing meeting on Davies’s first two chapters (who knew ontology was so invigorating?), let’s do a bit on Authenticity in Music from Davies. I will summarize the bits of chapter 3 that are relevant for chapter 4, so you only need to read 4. But, of course, those interested should feel free to read 3. We will also give a quick snapshot of Ch’s 1 and 2 for those who couldn’t make it last time.
After we finish Davies, we’ll do something a little less analytic and abstract. I’m open to suggestions, if people are interested in anything in particular–I was thinking it might be interesting to do a screening of something¬†(of an opera, a film, whatever) at some point, if there was interest. Professor Koerner will be giving us something on affect later in the term.

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