About Us

Students from the College of Charleston have been returning each Spring Spoleto, Italy, our beloved sister city–or città gemellate (twin city) as they call it in Italian–for over a decade. A dedicated crew of emerging travel writers, we will spend three weeks working to make our own words and reflections equal to our experience of Umbria as we explore the history, culture, and deep worlds of sense that surround us. We will make as much as we can of this experience grounded in we affectionately call città nostra, our city, as we travel from Charleston to Spoleto and beyond.

Along the way, we will bike on the old Spoleto-Norcia railway, visit small-scale farms and wineries, hunt for truffles in the hills of Pettino, take a pilgrimage to Assisi, cook up some Umbrian classics with Italian grandmas and renowned chefs, venture to say something fresh about Florence, and begin to chart our own pathways through this beautiful country.

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