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The passing of Dr. Conseula Francis, Professor and Associate Provost

Some words from Brian McGee, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Much time will rightly be spent reflecting on Conseula’s many accomplishments at the College.  Like many of you, I mourn her loss as a friend, as a tireless and energetic force working for the good of this institution, and as a constant voice of reason.

Conseula’s talents were many.  She was a formidable intellect who could make a hard day shorter and a difficult meeting easier.  There was no burden she could not lighten, no path she could not straighten, by applying her unique combination of good humor and keen insight.  Conseula was patient when patience was productive, impatient when action was needful.

Conseula first came to the College of Charleston as Assistant Professor of English in 2002.  In 2007, she was appointed Director of the African American Studies Program and played a critical role in the growth of the program and the development of the African American Studies major.

Conseula’s scholarly work focused on American and African American literature, with a more recent focus on romance novels and popular fiction.  In 2011, Conseula earned the College’s highest honor as an instructor, the Distinguished Teaching Award.

As Associate Provost, Conseula had essential leadership responsibilities for the College’s curriculum and for our complex web of obligations to accreditors and to state and federal agencies.  We are a much better university because of her good work.

More information about Conseula’s career was posted earlier this morning on Yammer by Professors Claire Curtis and Larry Krasnoff, along with their first thoughts on Conseula’s passing.

Dr. Scott Peeples, Professor and Chair of the Department of English, has offered the following reflection: “Conseula’s humor, her candor, and her dedication to students inspired us all in the English Department and across campus.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a teacher whose classroom instincts were as strong or who had the kind of impact she had on students.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard or read the words `changed my life’ in reference to Conseula’s teaching.  The word `passion’ is a little over-used these days, but Conseula had more of it than anyone I’ve ever known, for her students, her family, her friends, and for life itself.”

To Conseula’s family and friends I can only convey my sorrow at this profound loss.  Our community has lost one of its great voices.


Brian McGee
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
College of Charleston
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Charleston, SC 29424
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To assist the family going forward, college savings funds for Conseula’s and Brian’s daughters, Frances and Cate McCann, are now being established.

To contribute to those funds, please send a check made out to “Future Scholar 529 Savings Plan.” In the notes section, please write “50% Frances, %50 Catherine McCann.” That will ensure that the funds can be split between the two accounts. Checks can be sent to Larry Krasnoff in the Department of Philosophy, College of Charleston, Charleston SC 29424. Feel free to forward this notice to those who might also want to contribute.

Future Scholar 529 oversees the South Carolina 529 college savings plan. If you are a South Carolina resident, your contribution is fully deductible on your South Carolina state income tax return – even if the beneficiary is the McCann children rather than your own child. No federal tax deduction is permitted for this contribution.

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