Jobs: Grant Writer

Location of Work: Remote

Nature of job: Part-time and short-term

Compensation: Based on comissions


About The Love Story Media, Inc.

The Love Story Media, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 that uses the arts to address depression and prevent suicide.

Apply at:

Using a proprietary multimedia platform that fuses digital and print, we’ve created a new way of journaling. Our guided journaling platform accompanies our participants as they transform their pain into emerging artistry. Our interactive live-shows, interviews with indie and established artists, inspiring documentary interviews with photography and on-line journalings serve as key points of engagement and contact with our audience. To date over 200 individuals including associate producers, interviewers, filmmakers, editors, photographers, illustrators, advisers, established and emerging artists have contributed to this effort.

Link to our website:

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and transform those who are dealing with heartache to choose creative expression instead of self-destruction when dealing with personal adversities.

What We Do

We produce journaling workshops, and an interactive journal of intimate interviews of artists sharing their pain to passion journey, turning these stories into an interactive journal, and interactive showcases providing a community where artists may inspire other artists to awaken our inner artist.

Why We Do

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults ages 25-34 and depression is the leading cause of suicide. Depression is a major symptom of heartbreak. Through creative expression we are able to create a love story through our adversities.


  1. Grant Research – Creative identification of foundations and giving programs, analysis of these programs on a variety of eligibility factors from a variety of sources, collective database creation, and contacting foundations on eligibility requirements inaccessible through independent research
  2. Grant Writing – Writing a good general grant which can be tweaked based on foundation requirements, writing and reviewing grant sections as created by individual committee members, contacting foundation or giving representatives before, during, and after application for grants, and effective analysis and communication of required data
  3. Aiding the Executive Director with financial projects as feasible

Asking Hours:

  • 5-10 hours per week, preferred 3 months+
  • Some flexibility possible.


We are looking to form a team of competent individuals to grantseek and grant write for our organization. We plan to initially pursue grants that will allow our work to be adapted by volunteer groups within colleges and high schools across the nation. This will allow us to support youths at their most vulnerable and continue to use that support as a base as they move into the 25-34 age range described above.

As a member of our Grant Committee, you will be expected to remotely participate in team meetings, operating both cooperatively and independently as we work to pursue this task. We are thus looking for driven and passionate team players who will bring a variety of skills and perspectives to our work. Good written and oral communication, a basic understanding of non-profit structure and finance, analytic ability, creativity, and interpersonal skills are key.

If this description fits you, and our mission excites you, we hope to hear from you soon.


Based on Commission only.



About Us

We are a new media non-profit organization dedicated to taking away the stigma of depression and suicidal ideations associated with loss. We produce programs that transform our life tragedies into a Love Story.

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