About WRP

The Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication minor and concentration combine traditional approaches to writing and editing with new approaches made available by visual and digital media. The program provides students with knowledge and experiences that are integral to professional and civic life in the 21st Century: the ability to create different kinds of texts for a variety of audiences in a variety of media.

Courses included in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication minor and concentration address three areas of study: writing and rhetorical studies; digital and technical writing; and editing, style, and production. Each area of study includes relevant writing theory and opportunities to produce writing for multiple audiences and in multiple media.

What will students know when they have finished?

  • Students will be able to apply the principles of rhetoric to evaluate print, digital, and visual texts
  • Students will be able to recognize how theories of rhetoric, writing, and literacy differ across historical and cultural contexts
  • Students will be able to write in conventional forms and styles for civic and professional purposes
  • Students will be able to use multiple media and technologies to compose texts that accomplish their purposes as writers