Swiffer Gives Commercials a Whole New Meaning


This touching and humorous Swiffer commercial utilizes an elderly couple to explain how easy their product is to use. The older couple receive a Swiffer on their doorstep and have to put it together and test it out themselves. The commercial goes through the series of steps Lee, the wife, takes to clean her house, all of which include dangerous tasks (lifting a heavy bucket of water, standing on chairs, etc.). Here, they are hinting that if a feeble old woman can use Swiffer products, then so can you.

Swiffer targets a large audience by appealing to many emotions. The viewers laugh when Morty (the husband) falls asleep in his chair, they get teary-eyed when Morty and his wife, Lee, show pictures of their life and start dancing, and they feel the love that this couple has shared for years. While young children may not care for the ‘cooties’ moments, the simple humor of the man falling asleep Swiffor when Morty exclaims “I don’t clean; I make dirt” will still make them chuckle.

Swiffer created a commercial that can effectively reach the audience, no matter their generation. Their ability to mix humor, pity, and love together in a three minute-long clip while also representing their product was the perfect mixture for success. Even if it’s not a Swiffer, the next time you clean floors, you’re inevitably going to wish that your Marty would come sing and dance with you afterwards.


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