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The Tik Tok Trend

Taylor Cristo

Developed in 2016, the social media application, Tik Tok has become an outlet for individuals to express themselves. The app showcases authenticity across a variety of forums. Individuals on Tik Tok are free of photoshopping functions. This lack of editing prevents deception among users. People are able to be their natural self. No edits, over edited bodies, or filters if desired. Much different than Instagram. This article will examine Tik Tok’s rise to popularity, whether media professionals believe this app will sustain its growth in the future, and if it will bring a new authentic approach to brand marketing across the globe.  Continue reading

What’s Even Better Than Marketing Algorithms? Astrology! 💫

Meg Carroll

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of instances of astrology used to market to people for many different items; even 20 minutes ago I saw an Instagram account called @bookofthemonth post book recommendations using astrology! Anyway, I wanted to write an article about this phenomenon and why it is becoming so popular. I discovered that, because of the internet, astrology is experiencing quite a revival. It is easier to learn about astrology than ever before. This realization that astrology is more than a Sun sign has made people more interested in the subject and made marketing companies excited about the various things they can now do with astrology. Most of the sources I used were of my own finding, and they were all really evidence for how marketing is using astrology (for shopping lists, make-up palettes, etc.). I did talk to one Instagram account, @astrhology, who has over 800K followers. She posts memes meant to teach people about astrology. She says that marketing has the right idea because it is easier to get people to buy something if it feels personal to them. Longterm, this article can offer insight into a new marketing trend, and show people how an unconventional profession could become valuable in the future.

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