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Is Silence Violence?

Silence is Violence… or Is It?

Examining the popular hashtag “silence is violence.” While
short, it may have greater implications for writers and social media users.
Most young people read and post on social media. They have seen this hashtag that calls for them to become writers themselves.
The tagline has been used on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also written on many protest signs. This article further explains the viewpoint. 
Many want to be seen as an ally for the black lives matter movement. To do so, people are expected to write about the movement online. But, there may be longterm consequences for poorly thought out social media posts.
This article asks readers to question their responsibility as readers and writers.


The Impact of Influencers on the #MeToo Movement

Olivia Rosado

How Influencers Helped the #MeToo Movement

This research was done to see how exactly influencers impacted the #MeToo movement as well as how it impacted normal people. The information in the feature article addresses how it became a movement as well as how it has impacted dealing with acts of sexual violence.

The article addresses how influencers have used their abilities for something good like a social movement as well as the trickle down effect that the use of #MeToo by influencers to normal people.

Statistics–like those from–and information gathered from an interview were used throughout the feature article to provide evidence supporting the idea that influencers helped promote the social movement.

The feature article supports the idea that influencers have the power to promote social changes through movements like #MeToo which help normal everyday people, shown in figure one.

Figure One
Figure One shows a tweet from Alyssa Milano supporting the #MeToo movement.
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