How GenZ is Changing the Way We Get News

Sarah Pishko

Today more than ever social media is changing the way we get our news. This article shows the way Generation Z uses these new tools to their advantage. Many people look down upon these new methods of receiving information. Some still prefer the old ways of reading newspapers and watching the news. 

Interviews with two social media experts, and Zer’s, explain the benefits that are not available to those who resort to the standard ways of receiving information. This shines light on the positives of new technology. While also pointing out flaws with television newscasters. 

This may influence the way you view receiving news through social media. As well as change the way you receive news, especially quick changing, current information about COVID19.

Twitter is one of the many apps Zer’s use to get news and stay in touch.


How Gen Z is Changing the Way We Get News

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