Tattooing: the Primal Art of Penmanship

Mike Stark

In most social circles, tattooing has been taboo for some time now and will remain that way.
The art and culture of tattooing represents a field of study. One that has preserved one of the oldest methods of penmanship: ink to velum, or treated leather.
Looking at a tattoo the same way as a text, they are appear the same, differing only in modality and environment.
Tattooing is a form of writing. One that puts an image on to skin rather than text on to a page.
Local artist Andrew Poss shared on the process of prepping and producing tattoos. In doing so, he was able to share how similar the process is to writing.
Tattooing is seen under a different light when approached to a contracted piece of literature. The key is to look past the end result being an image rather than text. 
Tattooing as writing is a preservation of ink-to-leather transcription, rather than rebel culture
Local tattooer, Andrew Poss, works on a traditional american style tattoo for his client
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