Writing about Writing

A quick representation of the evolution of technology, focused by the writing technologies used in WRP courses

We are a section of 225: Intro to Writing Studies at College of Charleston.

Students wrote, edited, designed, and published the feature articles made available through this site.

Each article published here focuses on a different writer or writing issue. As such, some of these articles are profiles, and some are trend pieces.

By sharing these articles, we hope to tell part of the rich, multidimensional story of writing. We especially hope that students across classes might recognize writing as we do.

  • as a social activity, creating relationships among readers and writers alike. Whether those relations be reader-to-reader, writer-to reader, or writer-to-writer
  • as a rhetorical activity: always purposed and for an audience. And often, for multiple purposes and audiences at the same time
  • as multimodal: words on the page, yes, but also sounds-in-earbuds; images-on-screen; and any other combination of text and medium that comes to mind
  • as contextual: bounded to contexts and emerging from contexts, thus shaped by the values, ethics, economics, and cultures that deffine those contexts

These ideas were informed by our reading and study of Naming What We Know.