WGS in Skirt! Magazine

Throughout the 2018-19 academic year, WGS students, faculty, and community members wrote pieces on WGS-related topics for Skirt magazine in a new column called Forward!. This innovative column, created and named by our director, Kris De Welde, served as a space for WGS voices to be heard and issues to be raised. Now archived, you can read all of the Forward! articles using the links below.

Forward! Column Articles

September 2018: Forward! Exploring Contradictions – by Kris De Welde
October 2018: Closing the STEM Gender Gap – by Misty Antonacci
November 2018: Global Foodways – by Lauren Ravalico
December 2018: Forward! Feminism Not Hate – by Raegan Whiteside
January 2019: Self-Care is Subversive – by Kris De Welde
February 2019: You’ve Got a Friend – by Margaret Pilarski
March 2019: Women All Make History – by Cara Delay
April 2019: Standup Performance – by Vivian Appler
May 2019: Leading with Unconditional Love – by Percival Haas
June 2019: Find Your Safe Space – by Molly Hampton
July 2019: Just Go: Exploring the Necessity of Solo Female Travel and Adventure – by Raegan Whiteside
August 2019: Creative Survival: The Healing Power of Art – by Laighton Cain

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