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Women on Fire

Women on Fire Gender Equality Week

Please join WGS in partnership with Master of Public Administration and Political Science on March 14th at 4:00pm for “Women on Fire,” an event where we will host a virtual discussion with seven dynamic women leaders in Fire Service, Paramedics, and EMS who are making a difference both in the field and in the greater Charleston region. This will be a unique opportunity to learn more about how these women leaders climbed the ladder to success as well as how they navigated obstacles along the way.

This event will kick-off Gender Equity Week. As outlined on CofC’s Critical Conversations webpage, “During Women’s History Month – celebrated annually each March – the College of Charleston reflects on the myriad contributions women and gender-diverse communities have made, and continue to make, on the growth and identity of the institution.

‘The purpose of Gender Equity Week is to build community and invite reflection on the many ways that gender shapes our identities, experiences and societal structures locally and globally,’ said former GSEC Interim Director Kristi ‘Kaj’ Brian. ‘The events throughout the week are designed to inspire and empower our students and our community. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the authors, panelists and presenters while building the awareness and skills necessary to negotiate for equitable wages, to navigate gender dynamics at work and to explore the importance of gender pronouns and expansive gender identities.’

In support of the College’s mission to create equity in learning and living on campus and beyond, GSEC promotes non-discrimination policies and equal protection for all individuals regardless of ability, race, class, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or religion. GSEC advocates for a culture of resistance against inequality, judgment, prejudice and bias in all its forms.

Nearly 100 years ago, the first female student, Pierrine St. Claire Smith Byrd (Class of 1922), graduated from the College. It would be nearly half a century, in 1967, before the first Black women, Carrie Nesbitt Gibbs ’72 and Angela Brown Gilchrist ’72, were admitted. Change can be slow, often frustratingly so. Gender Equity Week and yearlong efforts by campus partners ensure it never stalls.”

Register for the Zoom event here.

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