GSEC’s Gender Equity Week Schedule for 2022

Gender Equity Week

Here are some event highlights:

Monday, March 14th – Women on Fire Roundtable: This event will kick-off Gender Equity Week. As outlined on CofC’s Critical Conversations webpage, “During Women’s History Month – celebrated annually each March – the College of Charleston reflects on the myriad contributions women and gender-diverse communities have made, and continue to make, on the growth and identity of the institution.

Wednesday, March 16th – Engaging with Definitions of Southern Matriarchy with the authors of Through Mama’s Eyes. From the publisher: Through Mama’s Eyes: Unique Perspectives in Southern Matriarchy looks at the concept of Southern matriarchy and how it has influenced American society. In 2016, the Ernest J. Gaines Center hosted a public program that explored the way women use physical space in literature. That program created many discussions of how the term matriarch is understood and applied, especially in the southern regions of the United States. Southern matriarchy is something that has been idolized and parodied in popular formats, such as movies and film, and the purpose of this book is to explore all of the faceted interpretations of southern matriarchy and its impact on our society.

Thursday, March 17th – Beyond the Binary: A Facilitated Convo on Gender Expansiveness. This is a student- led dialogue to learn about the current legislative context around anti-truth bills as they relate to gender expansiveness and also to better understand how to support gender expansiveness at CofC from students’ perspective.

We encourage students and faculty to join in on this week of fun, learning, and inclusivity!

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