Alumni Spotlight: Dr. JaQuinda Jackson (she/her)

JaQuinda headshot

How did you come to be interested in WGS as an undergrad, and what memorable experiences with WGS during your time at the College can you share with us? 

I was “accidentally” enrolled in Intro. to Women’s & Gender Studies one semester, but after I got to class I fell in love with not only the discussions centered around the works of women and the roles that women play in society. I soon realized that enrolling in this class was no accident — it was purposeful in jump-starting my career in trauma reproductive work.

What have you been doing since graduation? What are your aspirations for the near future? 

After graduating from CofC, I went on to Washington, DC where I received my Masters in Community Counseling as well as my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. I did community health work which helped me learn and understand how trauma impacts an individual’s ability to develop and utilize healthy social emotional skills.

I currently have my own private practice where I primarily work with individuals who have experienced trauma. I also have a non-profit that teaches social emotional skills to students and educators. For the future, I want to develop an organization that focuses on healthy attachments between children and caregivers utilizing a therapeutic approach.

How did your studies in WGS prepare you for your current work/activism/research project? How do you find yourself incorporating skills that you learned in WGS classes in your life/career today? 

My studies in WGS prepared me for my work in trauma support and advocating for people in many ways. I incorporate the skills I learned in WGS like researching and examining the roles women hold and have held in society to empower women who have experienced trauma. It is empowering to see women who have experienced setbacks overcome them and understand the power they hold in the world. It is a magical feeling!

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