Census Week: Count Me In!

census infographic

April 1st is Census Day!

The census is a survey by the statistical federal Census Bureau that counts EVERYONE currently residing in the states at the time of response, regardless of race, age, gender, OR immigration status and is confidential. This data will decide where $800 billion in federal funds like Medicare, WIC, bus routes, etc, go for the next 10 years. It is mandated by the US Constitution is also used to draw district lines and allocate representatives. Essentially, it determines our future! Don’t miss out on the count.

College students should report with their normal college address they would be at this moment if we didn’t have the COVID-19 madness. This means your parents or whoever you are with at this time do not need to claim you under their address if this isn’t where you’d normally be.

You can report online, via phone, or mail. For online, go to 2020census.gov. You may have been mailed a code to use, but if not, no worries, you can report without out it (that option is under the box for the code)! If you can’t report by April 1 they have extended the response time to mid August. But, it’s quick and easy and important, so let’s do it!

Email ppgacofc@gmail.com for more information or volunteer opportunities. Thank you!

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