“Phenomenal Women” Awards 2020

WGS Affiliated Faculty Sandy Slater (History/WGS) receives the “Phenomenal Woman” Award! –  

We’re thrilled to share that our very own Sandy Slater has been awarded one of the College’s first “Phenomenal Women” awards! The Phenomenal Women program honors and celebrates women from all walks of life who have made contributions to diversity in the College of Charleston and larger Charleston communities. Through the recognition of these contributions, the Phenomenal Women program hopes to inspire others to embrace and promote diversity within their own lives. Learn more about the Phenomenal Women program, and read the write-up of this year’s award ceremony. And if you see one of these four amazing awardees on campus, be sure to tell them congratulations! 

phenomenal women awardee photo

Alumni Michelle Mapp, Professor Sandra Slater, staff member Marla Robertson and student Cookie Desai were all recognized in this year’s 2020 Phenomenal Women Awards. With the keynote given by CofC Alum Judge Jasmine Twitty.

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