SAVE THE DATES: Mariah Parker Campus Visit & Community Performance 2/27-28

Signature WGS Event bridging Black History Month and Women’s History Month: Mariah Parker, February 27th, 5pm, Rita 101: Cultivating Courage: From Experience to Political Action for Justice.  

mariah parker flyer

Join us for TWO evenings of educational, politically progressive, and inspirational events featuring Mariah Parker who will deliver an evening lecture on campus (2/27), and then a performance at the Royal American (2/28) with local activist Mika Gadsden and artist Benny Starr.  

LF flyer

While some members of our campus community will be honoring former Ambassador Nikki Haley with an award on 2/27, we will join in defiance and in community to be inspired by Mariah, a young, Black, openly queer, community organizer, recently elected city council woman in Athens, GA who is also a Ph.D. student in Linguistics (at UGA) and rapper. She is emblematic of courage in politics! Mainstream media outlets have characterized Mariah as part of the wave of young women of color “rescuing the Democratic party and “expanding the parameters of black leadership.” See attached flyers for information and a list of all our many campus sponsors! 

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