WGS Student Spotlight: Zoë Murrie

We sat down with WGS and Communication double-major Zoë Murrie to talk about her experiences as this year’s Skirt. Magazine Endowed Scholarship recipient, her work with SafeZone and CisternYard, and why she loves studying WGS.Zoe Murrie Headshot

First off, why WGS? Why did you choose to declare your WGS major?

“I chose to major in WGS because I think the courses and faculty give an overview of the history of injustices and power imbalances from an intersectional lens that no other department does. WGS also offers tools for fixing these issues with real life applicable activist skills and helps create students who are capable of thinking out problems and developing thoughtful opinions and solutions.”

What are some topics you’ve covered in your WGS classes that you’re particularly passionate about?

“Within WGS I found myself most engaged when I get to really talk through problems. Hearing from Professors, who are often themselves gender-based activists, as well as peers really allows me to see an issue from every side and helps me develop an opinion. I truly think this is unique to WGS. While it can be discouraging to discuss modern injustices, it’s necessary for remedying them.”

Talk to us about your work with SafeZone / MSPS. You were paired with SafeZone through your WGS internship, correct?

“Yes. Last spring I was matched with Lynda Keller the assistant director of MSPS and leader of Safe Zone on campus, thanks to the WGS department. Through Safe Zone I have realized not only the importance of LGBTQ+ education on campus, but have learned so much about education, activism and open conversation as a whole. When someone is given the space and respect to learn about people who are different from them, or even get to see themselves represented in a conversation, they really do open up so much. Working with Safe Zone has encouraged more activism within my career aspirations and has shown me that on a micro level people are interested in being educated about issues they don’t face and understanding each other.”

What does it mean to you to be this year’s Skirt. Magazine Endowed Scholarship recipient?

“I am so excited and honored to be the Skirt! recipient. I remember my mom reading skirt when I was a child and I was always so interested in the idea of a complex, multifaceted magazine for women. I am currently the Managing Editor of CisternYard News, our student run publication on campus. As a writer and editor I try to create pieces that question societal norms and show women as complex beings. After college, I would love to work for a woman’s interest magazine and continue to make connections between socio-political status, women’s issues and women’s rights.”

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