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“The disappearing nutrient”

An interesting article in Nature says that we’re running out of phosphate across the world.  Phosphate is a very critical nutrient that’s required for plant growth and is usually mined in some parts of the world.  Apparently, there’s less than 50 years worth of high quality phosphate available that could be mined.  Running out could […]

Recycled drinking water?

Most of you are aware of the current severe drought situation in southeastern US. A lot of people in the southwestern US have been experiencing the drought for several years now. Some of these areas have their groundwater and surface water resources on the verge of exhaustion. In a recent study, researchers from Sand Diego […]

Wipe out Wireless Waste

Here’s a follow-up on what to do with your old cell phones: Subject: INFO: Wipe out Wireless Waste Keep Charleston Beautiful’s first annual Cell Phone Recycling drive, Wipe Out Wireless Waste: Each year, Americans retire an estimated 130 million cell phones, of which only 10% are recycled or reused. These small electronic devices are extremely […]