ALA 2013

“Goodbye, Blue Monday!”: Breakfast of Champions at Forty (Essex Center 3rd)

  • Organized by the Kurt Vonnegut Society
  • Chair: Greg Sumner, Kurt Vonnegut Society
  1. “Vonnegut, Melville, and the Great American Con Game,” Susan Dunston, New Mexico Tech
  2. “The Synoptic Trout: The Problem of Vonnegut’s Alter-Ego as a Consistent Identity,” Jeffrey R.Villines, University of Virginia
  3. “The Absurdity of Suicide: The Existential Struggle in Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions,” Deanna Rodriguez, Texas State University

Session 16-C New Directions in Vonnegut Studies (Essex North Center 3rd Floor)

  • Organized by the Kurt Vonnegut Society
  • Chair: Marc Leeds, Kurt Vonnegut Society
  1. “Vow-Prass: Satire and Ambiguity in the writing of Cat’s Cradle,” John Kofron, Indiana University
  2. “Kurt Vonnegut in Croatia,” Lavorka Gruic-Grmusa, University of Rijek
  3. “Genealogies of the Bahia de Darwin: Vonnegut’s Anthropology,” Abhijeet Paul, University of California Berkeley