Current Bonners

Current Bonner Leaders at CofC




Eliza Blades, Senior

Elizabeth Burdette, Senior

Brittany Counts, Senior

Martin Gonzalez, Senior

Cam Scott, Senior

Si Wofford, Senior

Reba Carroll, Junior

Andrey Gause, Junior

Dakota Isaacs, Junior

Katie Kerns, Junior

Alarie Latham, Junior

Brittnee Leysen, Junior

Patrice Witherspoon, Junior

Akilah Worley, Junior

Kyla Bines, Sophomore

Ashlan Bishop, Sophomore

Andrea Creech, Sophomore

Ansley Pope, Sophomore

Tayler Simon, Sophomore

Conor Templeton, Sophomore

Carolyn Walter, Sophomore

Joey Baldwin, Freshman

Dashia Drayton, Freshman

Brooke Horton, Freshman

Angie Jones, Freshman

Jillian Loftis, Freshman

Anjali Naik, Freshman

Victoria Simpson, Freshman

Julia Taylor, Freshman

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