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What is a Bonner Leader?

Bonner Leaders are outstanding students who commit themselves to leadership through service and making positive change across campus and in the community. This four-year service-based program pairs real-life work experiences in area nonprofit organizations with powerful leadership development training and education that helps students transition from volunteers to leaders in their community.



Service Site Placements provide students with the opportunity to volunteer while participating in real world work experience.

Stipends for Students provide financial support for student’s community service commitments.

Weekly Meetings/Training supplement on-site service experiences and academic curriculum.

Service Saturdays give the group a chance to explore multiple issues in the community as a team.

National Conferences provide students the opportunity for networking as well as professional and personal development.

Alternative Break Trips give students the chance to travel and explore issues that affect another community.

Engage and Empower events are hosted by Bonner Leaders for the campus and Charleston communities.


Why should I become a Bonner Leader?LeniMolliMartinMorocco

The Bonner Leader Program is a multi-year commitment that will challenge and support you to grow and develop in your service work. You will become more involved and take on additional responsibilities and leadership roles as you advance through the program.  Bonner will help you to develop leadership and professional skills through community service, as well as enable you to Identify educational, career, and professional goals.  Scholarships offer outstanding students financial assistance and compensation for their commitment.  Our small but diverse group of students creates true understanding of other perspectives and cultures.  Best of all, Bonner allows you to serve as an agent for change in your community.


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A Day in the Life of a Bonner

Tristan Evans, Senior Bonner 2010

Tristan works with and after school program called WINGS for Kids.   As a WINGS Leader, Tristan is responsible for teaching and modeling the WINGS learning objectives which focus on Social and Emotional Intelligence.  She develops lesson plans, conducts discussions, supervises structured academic time and works toward her students reaching their outcomes. Tristan is in charge of a group of fourth grade boys for 20 hours each week.  Tristan has designed lesson plans like an outer space theme to teach relationship skills such as teamwork and recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses.

**Bonner placements are different for each student and are custom designed to fit their interests and skills**

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