Scholars Studio

Scholars Studio Space (in development)
The Scholars Studio space in Addlestone Library is currently in the planning and development stage. The need for the Scholars Studio space evolved from interdisciplinary, collaborative campus partnerships designed to develop new strategies in designing and delivering instruction with a focus on providing enhanced student support, going beyond mere technological proficiency to address 21st Century literacy skills outlined in the Association of College and Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. The Scholars Studio space, resources, and services are be designed to support emerging major trends at Universities, such as:

  • the rise of collaborative student learning (working teams, multimedia projects).
  • the increase in students as creators and participants in research and scholarship.
  • Undergraduate Research Programs (faculty/student research teams).
  • digital scholarship projects (interactive maps, data visualizations, digital exhibits, etc., students navigate information systems, use data sources and integrate various technology applications to learn ways of thinking and practicing within disciplines).
  • integrative learning, learning communities (emphasize cross-disciplinary critical thinking and communication skills).
  • interdisciplinarity, seeking to leverage the methods and perspectives from more than one discipline in order to approach problems in new ways.
  • blended learning’s increasing popularity as a pedagogical teaching and learning model of pedagogy.
  • the flipped classroom approach for collaboration, active learning assignments facilitated by faculty.

While the dedicated Scholars Studio space is under development there are a number of related resources and services available at the Addlestone Library to support these efforts, including:

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Planning Documents

—Add ACRL Framework

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