Surviving the VHS Apocalypse and Thriving in the Stream

Surviving the VHS Apocalypse and Thriving in the Stream
February 7, 2013
3pm – 4:20pm
Addlestone Room 120

The end is near.  VHS and analog video media are going the way of the 8-track player, the Sony Walkman, and very wide ties.  And although very wide ties can sometimes be retrofitted to work in a pinch, the sun is setting on analog video forever.  What does it all mean?  How will you survive?  What will you do?  Where will you go?  Answer:  No worries.  Let some kind library folk offer you calm, inspired encouragement.  We can show you how to survive this VHS apocalypse.  We can show you how to thrive in the bright future beyond.

Joey Van Arnhem and Jared Seay, self-described “humans in a sea of technological change,” will host this LITE session that both explains the end of VHS and the possibilities in streaming video services that the library offers as the way to the video future.

You will find out answers to the video apocalypse like:

How will I live without a VHS player?  What about my beloved VHS tapes? Are all the VHS players on campus really going away forever?  What will happen to all of those library VHS tapes?  Why can’t somebody just make DVD copies of my precious VHS tapes?  Is digital really less fattening than analog?

Then, you will find out everything you need to know about Addlestone Video Collections like:

How do I search for videos?  What is the difference between the SGA video collection and the Teaching video collection?  How do I reserve a video?  How do I stream library videos?  How can I use it to teach or embed videos into my OAKs class?  Can I really create playlists and edit segments and chapters of streaming videos?  Do digital librarians dream of electric sheep?

Be the first on your block to ease your fear and learn to thrive through the Video Apocalypse.  Register online at the link below.

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