Welcome to the new OAKS Help

OAKS is the College’s online learning management system and is built on the Desire2Learn/Brightspace platform.  Using OAKS faculty can post their class syllabus and course materials, conduct online quizzes/tests, discussions, and collect student assignments, and track and calculate student grades, all in a secure environment.  OAKS is also the only CofC/FERPA-approved, online method of informing students of their grades throughout the semester.

Since OAKS is hosted off-campus (with D2L/Brightspace) is it subject to monthly upgrades.  Because of the rapid changes and upgrades, TLT cannot continue creating customized tutorials and therefore has decided to link to the D2L/Brightspace resources and tutorials.

Need Help?

Below are three areas that can offer help and training for your OAKS related questions or problems.  The Knowledge Base is where you want to visit if you have a specific question.  The tutorials links are where you visit if you want to learn how an OAKS tool works or to learn how to use it.

Ask an OAKS Question in the CofC Knowledge Base — Do you have a specific OAKS question?  Ask it in the Knowledge Base first.  This is where you will find answers to the most frequently asked OAKS questions.

Learn OAKS tools with Text-based Tutorials — These Brightspace created text-based tutorials will help you learn the basics of all the OAKS tools.  The tutorials are divided by use (ex. assessment, communication, etc.).

Learn OAKS tools with Video-based Tutorials — These Brightspace created video tutorials will help you learn the basics of all the OAKS tools.  Just search on this YouTube channel to find what you are looking for or browse the Playlists to see a sequence of tutorials on one topic.

Still Need Help?

If you’ve searched through the resources above and still need help you can contact your Instructional Technologist or search/post to the Brightspace Community.  Just click the Become a Member button to join!


Quick Guides

Getting the Semester Started – Checklist
Checklist to help all Faculty/Instructors get OAKS ready for a new semester. Following this list will help you avoid common pitfalls.

New Users – Getting Started with OAKS
Quick Guide for Faculty/Instructors New To OAKS. Learn how to use the essential tools to get your started.

Identify and Help At-Risk Students
OAKS contains several tools that can help you identify and help at-risk students.

OAKS Integrations

Cengage MindTap
Google Apps for Students
Films On Demand
McGraw Hill Campus

Would you like to request an additional integration?  If so, review the OAKS Third Party Integration Workflow and complete the OAKS Integration Request Form.

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