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An Easy Way to Create Closed Captions and Subtitles (Updated May 2018)

Description: YouTube’s Subtitles and Closed Caption feature provides an easier way to caption your audio and video files.  It offers quick editing of auto-generated captions.  YouTube then automatically inserts the time codes at the appropriate places.  Captioning is never easy but YouTube’s CC feature is the easiest way I’ve found to do it. Uses: Close […]

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Create a Collective VoiceThread Assignment

OVERVIEW: We normally use VoiceThread (VT) to record lectures and occasionally allow students to comment or ask questions.  But what about creating a single VT where all your students actually contribute the content?  For example, instead of having every student create their own VoiceThread to introduce themselves, create one VT where each student contributes a […]

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Video Discussion Board with FlipGrid

OVERVIEW: “Flipgrid is a video discussion community for your classroom that supercharges your students’ voices. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages!” – Flipgrid website SUGGESTED USES: Online discussion board Class introductions Foreign language practice Reflection Social Learning Hear multiple ways of solving a problem THINGS TO CONSIDER: Cost: […]

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Easily Share Large Files

Share large files, both on campus and off, with Secure Share

OVERVIEW: Secure Share is a Web-based application that allows faculty and staff to securely and temporarily share files across campus and externally. You can access Secure Share off campus as long as you have internet connection.  With Secure Share there no more worry about single email message size quotas. SUGGESTED USES: Share large files with other faculty […]

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Screenshot of a Kaltura Video Quiz

Creating Interactive Quizzes within your Kaltura Videos

Kaltura MediaSpace is a Youtube-like, online media area specifically for CofC faculty, staff and students.  Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects.  Faculty can use it to upload tutorials, online lectures or any original work.   You can now add multiple choice […]

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Example Coggle

Cobble your ideas together with Coggle, a simple mind-mapping tool

Description: Coggle is an easy-to-use mind-mapping tool that makes it possible to quickly make, share, and collaborate on notes or maps. It is easy to share the maps with others and collaborate in real time on the same map or note. Coggle is free, unless you want to add branding to your exports or control […]

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Record your computer and webcam quickly and easily with screencast-o-metic

Using Screencast-O-Matic To Record Your Screen

Screencast-o-matic is a simple, one-click screen capture recording application for Windows or Mac.  Screencasting is the act of recording the mouse movements and contents of your computer screen while recording a voice0ver or video that accompanies the movements.  Screencast-o-matic makes it easy to record and publish your work.  To make full use of the application […]

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