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Create a Collective VoiceThread Assignment

OVERVIEW: We normally use VoiceThread (VT) to record lectures and occasionally allow students to comment or ask questions.  But what about creating a single VT where all your students actually contribute the content?  For example, instead of having every student create their own VoiceThread to introduce themselves, create one VT where each student contributes a […]

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Bringing Outside Experts Into Your Class With Google Hangouts

OVERVIEW: Google Hangouts is a unified communications service that allows members to initiate and participate in text, voice or video chats, either one-on-one or in a group.  It can be used to conduct video chats and to share your screen with your participants.  Normally you can conduct video chats with 10 people, but with your CofC […]

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Video Discussion Board with FlipGrid

OVERVIEW: “Flipgrid is a video discussion community for your classroom that supercharges your students’ voices. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages!” – Flipgrid website SUGGESTED USES: Online discussion board Class introductions Foreign language practice Reflection Social Learning Hear multiple ways of solving a problem THINGS TO CONSIDER: Cost: […]

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Creating Interactive Quizzes within your Kaltura Videos

Kaltura MediaSpace is a Youtube-like, online media area specifically for CofC faculty, staff and students.  Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects.  Faculty can use it to upload tutorials, online lectures or any original work.   You can now add multiple choice […]

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Socrative is a great tool for collecting immediate feedback from students via mobile apps or the internet on laptops or tablets. With Socrative teachers gather assessments via short answer, multiple choice and/or true or false questions. Socrative auto-grades multiple choice quizzes. All quizzes can be exported to Excel or viewed online in a Google spreadsheet. […]

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Using Padlet for Class Collaboration

Description: Padlet is a collaborative online bulletin board that can be used to display text, photos, links, and many other types of media. Padlet allows users to create a board where students and instructors can collaborate and share information in a secure location. Users control the security settings so that each board can be totally public, […]

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Add Live Polling To Your Google Slides Using The Poll Everywhere Chrome extension

Description: The Poll Everywhere Chrome extension allows for live polling to be embedded in Google Slides. Now your polls will load live in Slides just as they do in PowerPoint.  Note:  This is still in Beta Uses: View live poll results during your Google Slides presentaion Price: Free Platform: Online Tutorial: Text-based tutorial:

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Updwn: Simple, Real-Time Polls

Updwn is a free, online (Web 2.0) application that allows users to create and share simple group polls in real time. To get started, visit Next, type a question and click go. Enter your initials, add some options, and share the poll with your students or colleagues. Let the good times poll! Uses: Poll students and […]

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Mindomo for Mapping Ideas in the Classroom

Description: Mindomo is a concept and mind mapping tool available online. A free account allows you to save up to 3 maps. These maps can include images, videos, links, task info, comments, and notes. It is easy to share documents with others and collaborate in real time. These features make Mindomo an exceptional concept mapping […]

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