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Faculty: OAKS Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom by YouSeeU is an integrated web-conferencing tool to help you connect with your learners in OAKS with live discussions, online office hours, video-based training and more. Collaborate during a session by sharing slides, files, and live views of your whiteboard or desktop. Integrated into OAKS, it’s easy to schedule, manage and join virtual […]

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Create a Collective VoiceThread Assignment

OVERVIEW: We normally use VoiceThread (VT) to record lectures and occasionally allow students to comment or ask questions.  But what about creating a single VT where all your students actually contribute the content?  For example, instead of having every student create their own VoiceThread to introduce themselves, create one VT where each student contributes a […]

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Google Hangouts logo

Bringing Outside Experts Into Your Class With Google Hangouts

OVERVIEW: Google Hangouts is a unified communications service that allows members to initiate and participate in text, voice or video chats, either one-on-one or in a group.  It can be used to conduct video chats and to share your screen with your participants.  Normally you can conduct video chats with 10 people, but with your CofC […]

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Using Padlet for Class Collaboration

Description: Padlet is a collaborative online bulletin board that can be used to display text, photos, links, and many other types of media. Padlet allows users to create a board where students and instructors can collaborate and share information in a secure location. Users control the security settings so that each board can be totally public, […]

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Example Coggle

Cobble your ideas together with Coggle, a simple mind-mapping tool

Description: Coggle is an easy-to-use mind-mapping tool that makes it possible to quickly make, share, and collaborate on notes or maps. It is easy to share the maps with others and collaborate in real time on the same map or note. Coggle is free, unless you want to add branding to your exports or control […]

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Become a master of mind mapping with Mindmeister

Description: Mindmeister is a collaborative web 2.0 technology that allows you to create online concept and mind maps on nearly any device. A free account allows you to save and share up to 3 maps. These maps can include images, videos, links, task info, comments, and notes. Mindmeister makes it easy to customize the appearance […]

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Google Calendar Appointment slots

Description: The Appointment slots feature lets you set one period of time on your calendar, divided into available time slots for people to reserve.  This feature is ONLY available with your CofC Google apps for education account. For steps on activating your CofC Google apps for education account, please visit: Uses: Students can reserve […]

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concept map image

Mindomo for Mapping Ideas in the Classroom

Description: Mindomo is a concept and mind mapping tool available online. A free account allows you to save up to 3 maps. These maps can include images, videos, links, task info, comments, and notes. It is easy to share documents with others and collaborate in real time. These features make Mindomo an exceptional concept mapping […]

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