The TLT often gets this question: besides iMovie, what free video editor might you suggest for students? One new option is Kapwing

Kapwing is an online image, video, and GIF editing platform whose mission is to enable digital storytelling.

Unlike most online editing websites, Kapwing does not show any spammy ads or suggest “related content.” Kapwing creators cannot interact with strangers on the website. They also take the privacy of users’ data and content very seriously. While projects are exported as “Public” by default, they are not searchable, and cannot be viewed unless the creator shares the URL or the video ID for the project. They do not share user data with any third party platforms, nor do they use user information for anything other than creating a Kapwing account for the user (using user’s name, email, and photo).

When users delete their accountworkspace, or projects from the Kapwing platform, all data associated with the account, workspace, or project is completely removed from Kapwing servers.

Kapwing empowers people to make and share their stories on the internet. Their free online multimedia editing suite includes the web’s most popular meme maker, subtitler, trimmer, looper, filters, and more. You can make stop motions, share highlights, or resize a post for your Instagram Story. It’s also easy to collaborate with others (you can share workspaces and projects!). It’s free and always will be. Subscribe to Kapwing’s resources library or YouTube channel for multimedia tutorials and tips.

Click here to view a video of Kapwing basics.