Zoom is an online communications service that allows members to hold sessions (called Meetings), either one-on-one or in a group.  It can be used to conduct video chats, audio chats, collaborate on an interactive whiteboard, and to share your screen with your participants.   The best thing about Zoom is that only one person needs a Zoom account.  The participants join with a link and therefore no personal information need be given nor accounts created.  CofC owns a site license for Zoom.



  • Bring experts or guest speakers into your class
  • Connect classrooms and students from across the globe
  • Conduct online interview
  • Conduct online office hours
  • Conduct online meetings
  • Conduct collaborative study sessions
  • Hold live performances
  • Great for language learners
  • Conduct a synchronous online lecture


  • CofC owns a site license so it’s free to Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Works on the web, iOS, Android
  • Requirements: must have a webcam and microphone to use the video chat feature
Scheduling Meetings Through the Zoom Website

Use this method to create meetings outside of the OAKS integration.

How to Create an Online Session for my Class/Students

Use this method to create synchronous online sessions for your OAKS classes.

Turning on Live Captions in Zoom (Live Transcripts)

Turning on live transcript/captioning is critical for online teaching to all everyone to have access to your class and what is being said.

NOTE: only the Host can turn on Live Transcription.

  1. After you launch your Zoom meeting, click on Live Transcript from your icon navigation bar.
  2. Select Enable auto transcription.
  3. Now that it is turned on, all your participants will see the icon in their Zoom window and can enable it for themselves.  They can choose to see the Closed Caption version and/or the Full Transcript that opens in a side panel within Zoom.
Tips and Best Practices for Using Zoom
Creating Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Breakout rooms are perfect for group work or team-based learning.  Your participants can be assigned to randomly or manually created groups.  You can drop in to check on each group’s progress then bring them back to the main room when you’re ready.

I scheduled meetings in cofc.zoom.us but they aren't in my OAKS Zoom

If you previously created meetings in cofc.zoom.us, or if you created meetings in the free Zoom before converting to the CofC license, they cannot be automatically added to the Calendar in your OAKS course via the integration.  The only way to utilize the OAKS integration is to create the meeting within the OAKS class’ Zoom link in the Course Navigation.  Only then will it automatically appear in the calendar.

For those of you who have previously created meetings in cofc.zoom.us, you will need to decide how you wish to proceed:


  1. Recreate all meeting in the appropriate class using the OAKS integration.
  2. Copy the meeting links ( reoccurring meeting should share the same meeting ID) and paste those into News, Content or Calendar in the OAKS course. To copy that link go to cofc.zoom.us> click on the meeting name>copy the “Join Url” next to “Invite attendees”.  Here is a tutorial on how to copy links and paste in OAKS
  3. Do not use the OAKS integration for this semester.  If you have already created the meetings and sent the meeting invitations/link to your students, then continue using cofc.zoom.us
Creating Online Office Hours in Zoom

Thanks so much to Elena Rodriguez, CofC Librarian, for creating this tutorial on how to use Zoom for online office hours.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to Share a Meeting Between Multiple Courses