Presenting in a slideshow

You can display a poll directly from PowerPoint by embedding your poll as a slide, to seamlessly present with your other PowerPoint slides.

To embed your polls in PowerPoint, you must install the PollEv Presenter app. In addition, the computer displaying the presentation must be connected to the internet in order for the polls to be displayed.

PowerPoint for Windows

The Poll Everywhere add-in is compatible with Windows XP or newer, with PowerPoint 2007 with Service Pack 3 and newer.

Step 1. Download the PollEv Presenter App

Step 2. Install the app.

Step 3. Open or restart PowerPoint, and locate the Poll Everywhere ribbon at the top.

Step 4. Log into your Poll Everywhere account via the Poll Everywhere ribbon in PowerPoint.

Step 5. Using the ribbon, create a new poll for your presentation.


Step 6. Using the ribbon, insert any polls you have created into your presentation.

Step 7. Start presenting. (You must be in slideshow mode to see the polls.)

You can move poll slides to different points in your presentation by copying and pasting the entire poll slide thumbnail to the correct spot in your outline, or by simply dragging and dropping the slide.

Some systems may not allow access to downloaded plug-ins. If you are using Powerpoint 2007, you must install Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 3. Please email us at if you have any trouble.



PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac

PollEv Presenter is currently compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or higher for Mac and Keynote 6.5 or higher. We recommend Apple OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer.

Step 1. Download PollEv Presenter App for Mac

Step 2. Install PollEv Presenter Add-in for Mac by dragging the file to your Applications folder.

Step 3. Open PollEv Presenter Add-in from your applications folder. It should appear on your Dock when running

Step 4. In the Poll Everywhere Add-in, enter your login information.

Step 5. Insert your polls directly into your open PowerPoint or Keynote. Or create a new poll using the add-in. 

Step 6. Start Slide Show mode to see your polls load directly in your presentation.

Make sure the PollEv Presenter application is installed and running before presenting. The application can only display the polls when you are in Slide Show mode, and the app is running. This will be shown by the Poll Everywhere icon in your dock along the bottom of your screenand on your taskbar at the top. Click on it to run the app.

Poll slides can be created or inserted into an existing presentation. You can also download a group of poll slides and build a PowerPoint presentation around them. Poll slide thumbnails can be dragged between slides or into other presentations, just like any normal PowerPoint or Keynote slide. Resizing the grey placeholder image will indicate where a poll should load on screen.

Poll slides will appear with a screenshot of the poll as a placeholder image. This screenshot does not automatically update and may not reflect the most recent changes to your poll. The live poll will only load and display when they are in Slide Show mode. The poll will not display or receive responses until you have successfully installed and logged into the PollEv Presenter Add-in, and the slide is in full screen, or presentation mode. Whichever poll question is displayed in Slide Show mode will be automatically activated and receive results as long as you are logged into th PollEv Presenter Add-in.

Please email us at if you have any trouble.