Turnitin – Check assignments for plagiarism, grammar, and spelling in OAKS

The College of Charleston offers faculty access to Turnitin.  Integrated with the OAKS Assignments/Dropbox tool, Turnitin helps assess student assignments and prevent plagiarism. Turnitin checks written assignments for plagiarism from public online sources as well as its own database of student work.  It also checks for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Turnitin has created a series of video tutorials on how to create Turnitin assignments and use the features to check for originality and to provide feedback to students.

Features of Turnitin:


How to create a Turnitin assignment in your OAKS course:

As mentioned in the above video tutorial, it is recommended to include the following disclaimers in the description field of an OAKS Dropbox folder if you plan to add the student papers to the Standard Paper Repository.

Click on this link for Turnitin Dropbox Folder Disclaimers


How to read an originality report:


How to provide feedback to students with Turnitin:


Share this link with your students on how to submit assignments with Turnitin:

You can preview the student assignment submission video here:

If you have any questions regarding Turnitin, please contact your Instructional Technologist.

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