VideoANT is a web-based application that allows users to add a timeline of comments or annotations alongside a video. This application does not require a download and it has a simple interface, making it a great option for student projects.

Here are some key features:

  • Sign in with a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, or as a guest.
  • No video upload required – simply copy the URL of a YouTube video (including your private or unlisted videos if you sign in through Google)
  • Collaborate on and share annotations by sharing a link – one link allows others to collaborate on your annotations and the other allows others to only view your annotations
  • Export annotations to various formats
  • Easily embed the video along with the annotation comments in OAKS
  • Works in browsers on mobile devices

Potential uses:

  • Student projects
  • Annotated lectures – add questions at specific time points in recording
  • Student collaboration on video lecture notes
  • Student or instructor observations on recorded event (oral presentation, sporting event, musical performance, etc.)

Link to application: