On Aug. 10th 2108 MyMediasite was upgraded.  The interface has changed slightly, but the functionality is the same.  Coming soon, MyMediasite will be integrated with OAKS.    TLT is working on updating the tutorials that we provide to include instructions on the OAKS integration, but unitl then you can view step by step tutorials created by MyMediasite site.  After you log in to MyMediasite click on the three dots in the navigation bar>click Help >click My Mediasite Guide to view the step by step instructions.  Mediasite has also created video tutorials that can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAo3lYGFI2zB4YmqkHgIJM2ef71m4j8cP


Mediasite is a media application that allows both media creation and media sharing.  Creation can be done via the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) application and will allow faculty to upload existing media and create new presentations using the desktop capture portion of the application.  Once uploaded to the Mediasite system the media can be easily shared.


  • recording lectures
  • recording presentations
  • creating screencast demonstrations
  • creating tutorials

Application: Mediasite –https://mediasite.cofc.edu/mediasite/mymediasite

Tutorial Type:  Text-based

Platform: Online, Window, Mac

Price: Free (CofC site license)

 Please note that this is for the version prior to 8/10/2018

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