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The News tool enables you to create news items that help communicate course updates, changes, and new information to your users quickly and effectively. Since Course Home is the first page that users often see when they log in or access their courses, the News widget is a good area for displaying important information.  The News Item has the ability now to be posted in Drafts, Publish, or Schedule releases to your students. Students can now also turn off News Items they have read so that this space will have only new News Items posting. When “major edits” have taken place on a News Item it will restore the item so that students who have “dismissed” these items will see them again. Students can subscribe to notifications which will email them or text them when a News item is added or updated.  Use the News tool to post:

  • course announcements
  • upcoming campus events

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • OAKS NEWS — Overview of how to use the News tool (create, edit, delete).  Also how to subscribe to notifications or an RSS feed of the News items.

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