What is FileLocker?

  • FileLocker is a Web-based application that allows faculty and staff to securely and temporarily share files across campus and externally. You can access FileLocker off campus as long as you have internet connection.
  • FileLocker is available to staff and faculty at the College of Charleston. You may also share files with members of the general public. In doing so, you must initiate the share.

With FileLocker, you can share large files easily and securely, without having to worry about single email message size quotas. The maximum file size is 10GB with a total storage limit of 100GB for up to 14 days. Additional space may be requested by emailing Helpdesk@cofc.edu.

Please note that this is for sharing files temporarily, and files will be deleted after 14 days.

This tutorial will cover how to login to FileLocker, upload and share documents.

Application: FileLocker


Tutorial Type:  Text-based

Platform: Web-based

Price: Free for CofC Employees

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