Echo 360

What is Echo 360?

Echo 360 is the campus lecture capture solution that offers two services.
  • Venue-based Echo 360 – The venue-based Echo 360 appliance automatically captures class lectures and converts them into podcasts, video, rich media, and more for anytime playback. With Echo 360, you can arrange for your lecture to be recorded and made available to students online. Students can then review the lecture material in OAKS, through a web browser or iTunesU. Navigation buttons and thumbnail images allow students to pause and repeat topics covered in the lecture to ensure mastery learning. Students can revisit lectures to practice your more difficult concepts anytime! It is particularly useful for students with learning disabilities or English language learners. The system is intended as a supplement to teaching and is by no means a replacement of the face-to-face classroom.
  • Personal Capture – Echo 360 Personal Capture is software that you install on a College computer (laptop, desktop machine) that allows you to easily record the activity on your computer screen in conjunction with either a voice over or a webcam video.  The simple interface makes it a quick and easy way to record lectures or computer demonstrations in the comfort of your office or home.  Once you’re finished recording you can quickly and easily upload your recordings to the Echo 360 server for your students to view. Personal Capture Software is free to CofC faculty. For more information on Personal Capture and how to request the software, visit:

Where is Echo 360 on campus?

Currently the lecture capture venue based appliances are available in the New Science Building in room 129 and the Tate Building Room 207.

How can students view the lecture?

Whether using the venue based appliance or the Personal Capture software, students can view the lecture about 30 minutes after the recording. They can log into a URL to see the video or you can publish it to OAKS. The echos can be exported into a variety of file formats. Please see below:

1. Full Echo presentation: This is the standard product and has all features enabled such as navigation and customizable views. It can only be viewed in a browser, and is streamed so it can’t be downloaded.
2. Vodcast: This shows sound and the visual material in a media file. You can skip through parts of the lecture by using bookmarks. However there are no thumbnail slides. It can be viewed online, but also downloaded and watched without an internet connection. It can be viewed on a portable media player, such as a video capable iPod, or by using QuickTime on a computer.
3. Podcast: This is an mp3, audio only format and can be played back using any MP3 player.

How can I access the Echo System Server?

First, you will need request access to Echo 360. You can fill out the form located in MyCharleston under the Help & Training tab. The channel is labeled Echo 360.  The Echo 360 administrator will add you to the Echo System Server within 3 business days of your request. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Once you have been notified by the Echo 360 administrator that your account and courses have been created, please see the tutorial on getting started with Echo 360 for installation procedures and instructions on how to use the software.

What is the storage capacity for Echo 360?

A video will remain online (within the Echo System Server, ESS) for one semester. After the semester is over, the video will then be moved to the Archived tab within the ESS for one year. After the video has remained in the Archived Tab for one year it will be deleted. A notification from the Systems Administrator will notify users both three weeks and one week before the video is deleted.  While the video is online, users can download a copy of the file onto their computer to save it locally.  The digital master (file used for editing purposes) will be deleted after 30 days after the video has been published. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] If you would like to request an exception for a video to remain online longer, the request must be made before the video is deleted.

Would you like to view an example of an Echo lecture?

To view an example of an Echo 360 lecture, please contact your instructional technologist to gain access.

What do I need to know about support for Echo 360?

Echo 360 is currently supported by many of the divisions within the IT. If you would like to be trained on how to operate the device or if you experience a problem with the recordings please contact [email protected] If you would like to learn about best practices or how to edit your echoes, please contact your instructional technologist. If your students are having difficulty logging in or accessing the echoes please contact [email protected]