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Online Teaching Tip: Determine how your students can comment in VoiceThread

Did you know that you can direct the students to comment in a certain medium in VoiceThread (VT)?  Say, for instance, you only want them to do video comments, but inevitably you have those students who ignore in the instructions and only type their comments.  Well, here’s how to prevent that.

  1. In VoiceThread, go to either Create (to create a new VT from scratch) or Edit (to change an existing VT).
  2. Click on the Options Gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Playback Settings.
  3. From the three tabs at the top, choose Playback Options.
  4. On the right you will see Allowed Comment Methods.
  5. From here, check ONLY the options you want to be available to your students when they comment.
  6. Click Save.
    Screenshot of the Comment options with all options checked






Now when you or your students comment in your VoiceThread, they only see what you allowed in these settings.

Screenshot of a VT with only the video recording option showing